Exploring Mental Health of Australia Muslims Conference

This 1.5 day conference is a partnership between Mission of Hope and NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

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The general theme of the conference explores the mental health concerns of Muslims living in Australia. The immediate objective of the conference is to provide a national forum for clinicians and mental health professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue regarding the issues of mental health as they apply to the diverse Australian Muslim communities.

Clients of Muslim faith and diverse cultures are increasingly accessing mental health services, and they often present with varied explanatory models of mental health, coping, and treatments. Mainstream therapy models against those that aim to capture a holistic therapeutic intervention and clinical approaches will be explored. A critical approach exploring differing models to better serve clients identifying from the Muslim faith will be addressed.

Post September 11 and the socio-political climate have added to the challenges associated with the mental health of Muslims living in Australia, whilst also resulting in stigma and discrimination against Muslims.

The related mental health topics to be addressed at the conference will be specifically targeting Muslim populations, but not limited to these areas: women, men, youth, and children; clinical applications, therapy, & counseling; refugees & asylum seekers; criminal justice issues; Islamophobia & mental health; psychological heath and wellbeing; sexual health; applied therapy models for clinical practice.


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Full 1 day program – Wednesday 21st October 9am-5pm

Shehzi Yusaf - Clinical Psychologist

Title: Role of Spirituality and Religion in Enhancing Psychological and Physical Health Benefits.

Afsaneh Jolan - Clinical and Educational & Developmental Psychologist

Title: Issues and Challenges of the Mental Health of Children in Muslim Families

Wajma Ebrahimi - Clinical Psychologist

Title: Identity and Self-Concept Formation amongst Muslim Female Adolescents.

Monique Toohey - Psychologist

Title: Cross-Cultural Counselling Approaches with Women who have Experienced Domestic Violence.

Carawan Ghanem - Psychologist

Topic: Suicide and Self-Harm amongst Muslim Youth: Issues and Challenges

Nooria Mehraby - Clinician Trainer (STARTTS)

Title: Salient Isolation: Anguish Experienced by Muslims who are Bereaved by Suicide

Hannah Jamaleddine - Child and Adolescent Counsellor (STARTTS)

Title: A Mother’s Prayer (Dua): A Coping Strategy for Muslim Unaccompanied Minors

Mohamed Dukuly - Families in Cultural Transition Project Officer (STARTTS)

Title: Working Effectively with Refugee Muslim Communities: A Social Capital Development Approach

Dr Yaser Al Nawashi - Occupational Therapist & Mental Health Clinician

Topic title: Trauma and Recovery amongst Muslim Refugees

Ola El-Hassan - Social Worker

Title: ‘Coming Home’ – Supporting Families Adjusting to a Family Member Coming Home After Serving Time in Jail

Rashid Flewellen - Senior Social Worker and Drugs & Alcohol Counsellor

Title: Drug and Alcohol Addictions: Treatment and Challenges


Half-day workshop program – Thursday 22nd of October 9am-12.30pm


Hanan Dover - Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Title of workshop: "Working with Muslim Clients - Australian Muslims' Emotional and Behavioural Responses to Islamophobia, Radicalisation, Counter-Terrorism Laws & Surveillance"

Important Dates

Registration Deadline     15th October 2015

Registration Cancellation Deadline    15th September 2015. No refund for registrations after this date.

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