The "M" Word

The “M” Word is a community development initiative by Mission of Hope (MoH) that aims to facilitate the meeting of single Muslim brothers and sisters in a safe, halal, and supervised environment for the purpose of marriage.

One of the many contemporary issues faced by Sydney’s Muslim community is the lack of opportunities to find and meet a spouse to perform the Sunnah of starting a family. Many professionals, tertiary students, those who are not living with family, and those without social support find it difficult to meet like-minded individuals in a halal setting.

The “M” Word series provides an avenue to address this difficulty by holding monthly events focusing on acquiring Islamic knowledge and resources on the rights and responsibilities of marriage, the qualities to look for in a spouse, while at the same time facilitating the meeting of like-minded individuals.

The “M” Word series also aims to raise awareness among marriage-ready Muslims on various issues concerning marriage. It has been shown repeatedly that education, awareness, and religious knowledge are needed to understand and recognise the importance of getting married and maintaining a marriage.