Locked Out

Locked Out : Pride, Freedom, and Family Trials, a project in conjunction with Bankstown Youth Development Service (BYDS) is a booklet exploring the impact incarceration can have on the family unit, particularly the women. Women are the backbones of families and the community. When women lose a loved one to incarceration, they are usually the ones who bear the brunt of the pain and become the pillars of strength for the rst of the family. It is with deep sadness and pain that many women have to continue supporting not only their loved one on the inside, but also their families on the outside. 

For many, they are usually isolated and lacking the support that they need. These families are one of the most vulnerable and socially isolated people in Australia. At times tey are faced with judgments and rejection from their wider network of family and friends.  They may feel grief, lonely, and overwhelmed with guilt.

We are seeking stories, poems, and artworks from women who have a loved one in jail currently or previously and who would like to share their journey with us so that other women may gain courage, healing and hope from your stories. This booklet will also have a resource section to inform families about available services and support. We are particularly interested in speaking to the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters. You may remain anonymous, f you wish and no details about you will be released without your permission. . If you have a story to share or want to learn more about the initiative, please contact Ola on 0449836946 or email lockedout@missionofhope.org.au