Justice and Arts Network

Founded in 2010, the Justice and Arts Network (JAAN) brings a young, vibrant and creative addition to the Mission of Hope team. JAAN zooms in on social justice issues by informing and engaging the local community by encouraging, developing and showcasing creative talent.

Having the two brances of Justice and Arts, allows JAAN to work simultaneously on bringing social justice issues to the forefront and providing a platform for creative expression. The acronym JAAN forms the meaning of ‘dear, ‘heart’, and ‘life’ in several languages including Turkish, Urdu, Hindi and Farsi. This encompasses one of the core values of the Justice and Arts Network, which is our inspiration and motivation stemming from the heart.

JAAN believes that youth, when given the opportunity and appropriate means and knowledge, can be empowered to be a part of the solution – benefitting them as individuals and the community as a whole.

Past JAAN initiatives

-          Hosting the 2014 Creativity and the Spiritual Path, by Peter Gould & Khadija Annette

-          JAAN Arts Week featuring international artists such as Baraka Blue, Peter Sanders, and Nimah Nawwab

-          Women’s Performance Café in collaboration with Casula Powerhouse Museum

-          Creative writing workshop with Randa Abdel-Fattah

-          Gaza Photography Panel & Exhibition with Lahza Photography

-          Film-making and digital arts seminar and workshop by Hollywood producer and writer, Kamran Pasha

-          Art exhibitions

-          Regular Q and A forums

For more information, email us at jaan@missionofhope.org.au