Hayat House Street Outreach (HHSO)

Hayat House Street Outreach (HHSO) helps ‘at-risk’youth on the streets within the Canterbury-Bankstown Local Government Areas. We are a point of intervention to assist those who are experiencing social and personal issues in an empathetic and culturally-appropriate way, whilst targeting crime prevention and reducing social exclusion.

HHSO supports young people who are susceptible to substance abuse, gang related behaviour, dropping out of school, social exclusion and criminal behavious.

We assist young people in improving their quality of life by building positive peer networks and encouraging contributions to the community and mainstream society. HHSO provides culturally-appropriate mentoring that is delivered by mentors who have grown up in these local areas.

The unique strategy employed at HHSO is that we use a community reintegrated approach. The operation procedure for HHSO is to make contact with young people, build rapport, identify their needs and provide accurate information on where to seek out further support in the community.

HHSO has already been successful in engaging with at-risk youth between 9 and 22 years of age and we have been able to develop activities tailored to the needs of the youth we engage.

Email streetoutreach@missionofhope.org.au

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