Going Viral Hepatitis C Campaign

Preventing new hepatitis C infections amongst young people

Hepatitis C (hep C) is a blood borne illness that can have serious and long term health effects. Hep C is a serious threat to young people as it can be transmitted through any activity where blood is shared, for example through tattooing, piercings or through sharing of equipment used to inject drugs. In the Canterbury-Bankstown area, there is an increasing problem with young men injecting steroids with unsterile equipment and therefore at high risk of contracting Hep C.

Mission of Hope will be one of the organisations who will be promoting the Going Viral Campaign through a 4 step approach. 

1. Hep C Awareness training for Hayat House team. We will also be doing a training with 
2. Increasing Awareness through community forums. The first community forum will be FREE for public on 31 August at Bryan Brown Theatre, Bankstown. 
3. Going Viral Hepatitis C Awareness video
4. Approaching Muslim gyms in the Canterbury-Bankstown to become secondary NSPs.

For more information, please email Asma on a.yusra@missionofhope.org.au